Dr. Jen Labrecque specializes in consumer and health behavior change. She is particularly interested in why change is so difficult to maintain, and she develops and evaluates strategies for improving persistence.

Jen holds a PhD in social psychology from the University of Southern California and has strong methodological and statistical skills. She has published in psychology, consumer, and health journals, and has been invited to present her research broadly to audiences throughout the US and in Europe. Her research has received media attention from a variety of outlets including the Huffington Post.

Jen works well in interdisciplinary teams, demonstrating strong communication skills and accountbility. She has two years of experience contributing to a multi-university, multi-discipline research team. Most recently, she has worked with collaborators from both academia and industry in a variety of fields (e.g., technology, law) to address behavioral science questions.

Jen is very excited to be joining the faculty of Oklahoma State University in Fall 2018 as a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology.

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