forwebsitesmallDr. Jen Labrecque is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Southern California in the Department of Preventive Medicine.  In collaboration with Dr. Kayla de la Haye, she investigates the characteristics of individuals and emergent properties of groups that predict their performance on complex tasks.  Jen is particularly interested in examining how disrupting the automaticity associated with task performance and group dynamics may help or hinder group outcomes.

In her graduate work, along with her advisor Dr. Wendy Wood, Jen studied behavior change challenges with a focus on habits.  She continues to remain engaged in this area, currently focusing on the interplay between goals and habits.

“Habits as Friend and Foe to Self-Control: The Dual Roles of Routinized Behavior”

Ongoing Projects:
1) QUANTA: Quantitative Network-based Models of Adaptive Team Behavior, Thrust 1.1 Conceptual models for teams and tasks
2) Negative effects of planning on habit formation
3) Causes and consequences of volitional illusions

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